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The sun salutation directions (at in Alternate Activity 3 were adapted from the Yoga Site online resource center (at

UUism and Buddhism

Read a pamphlet from the UUA, “The Faith of a UU Buddhist” by James Ishmael Ford, or order it to display at your congregation.

The UUA Bookstore (at offers many titles, including the collection that provided this session's story, "Anger," Kindness: A Treasury of Buddhist Wisdom for Children and Parents, collected and adapted by SarahConover, illustrated by Valerie Wah.

In This Very Moment: A Simple Guide to Zen Buddhism by James Ishmael Ford (Skinner House Press) provides "...history, philosophy and practice of Zen for beginners...stories from Zen masters, helpful discussion of the different schools of Buddhist thought, instruction for sitting shikantaza (sitting Zen)..."

Opening the Lotus: A Woman's Guide to Buddhism by Sandy Boucher (Beacon Press) describes fundamental teachings of Buddha, the differences among (Buddhism's) various schools and the components of Buddhist practice."

Buddhist Voices in Unitarian Universalism

By Sam Trumbore, Wayne B. Arnason

From Skinner House Books

This book shares the insights of 17 ministers and lay leaders—Unitarian Universalists who have become Buddhists while maintaining their UU identity and Buddhists who have found a spiritual home in Unitarian Universalism.

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