Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Love Connects Us: A Program on Living in Unitarian Universalist Covenant for Grades 4-5

Spiritual Preparation

Find a place where you can be quiet with your thoughts. Close your eyes and breathe deeply for about five minutes, perhaps repeating a word or phrase to separate yourself from the activities of the day. When you feel settled and relaxed, think about a time when you made a discovery which caused you to question previously held assumptions. Reflect:

  • How easy was it for you to accept the new information? How did you incorporate your discovery into your understanding of the world? Did it lead to a new search for truth?
  • Did you share your discovery with others? How? Were they receptive to your discovery, or resistant?
  • How did others' reactions affect your confidence in your discovery? Did others' affirmation encourage you to keep seeking truth? Did others' resistance cause you to pull back?

Keep your own experiences and feelings in your mind as you lead participants to explore our heritage of seeking truth in love.