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Clyde Tombaugh

Learn more about his life from a UU World article , a Wikipedia article, and the Academy of Achievement.

Books about him include Clyde Tombaugh: Discoverer of Planet Pluto, by David H. Levy (Sky Publishing, 2007), and a picture book, Clyde Tombaugh and the Search for Planet X, by Margaret K. Wetterer (Carolrhoda Books, 1996).

Astronomy for Everyone

On the NASA/JPL website, Night Sky Network: Astronomy Outreach and Education, search for astronomy clubs in your area and find out about presentations and events they may offer. The site provides sky-watching resources and indoor and outdoor activities for children and multiage groups.

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Family ASTRO program offers a multitude of activities with supporting resources, as well as online games and research tools.