Tapestry of Faith: Faithful Journeys: A Program about Pilgrimages of Faith in Action for Grades 2-3

Alternate Activity 1: Personal Path

Activity time: 12 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Legal-size or larger sheets of paper for all participants
  • Pencils, crayons and/or markers

Preparation for Activity

  • Set out supplies on work tables.

Description of Activity

Tell the children:

The Faithful Journeys Path has helped us see how moving along in our lives is like traveling on a path. We have used the path to pay attention to the actions we do when we make good choices. But every choice we make is really its own small journey.

Invite the children to draw a path from one corner of the paper diagonally across to the opposite corner. Say:

In one corner, draw a picture of a problem, when something is not fair or someone is not being nice or kind. In the opposite corner, draw a successful solution. Connect the problem to the solution with a path. Along the way, use words or pictures to describe the actions the people involved might take to get from the problem to the solution.

Leave time for volunteers to share about the paths they have drawn.