Tapestry of Faith: Faithful Journeys: A Program about Pilgrimages of Faith in Action for Grades 2-3

Activity 1: Move It! Step Up

Activity time: 7 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • A copy of Session 1, Handout 1, Unitarian Universalist Principles, Adult and Child Versions, copies of for all participants, or posters of the Principles in adult and children's language
  • A roll of masking tape or a length of rope

Preparation for Activity

  • Identify an open area where children can move from a start line to a finish line in seven steps. Mark "start" and "finish" lines with masking tape.
  • Optional: Create your own stickers with each of the seven Principles in very simple language.

Description of Activity

Explain that today is the final session of Faithful Journeys. Say:

Each time we have met, we have learned about the Unitarian Universalist Principles and what they mean by sharing stories about how we and others in our faith have turned these Principles into actions. Today we will play a game about all of the Principles. The game will help us share more ideas about how we can turn them into actions in our lives.

Invite the children to stand at the start line. Stand behind the finish line. Tell the children they will all reach the finish line, one step at a time, by telling how they will "step up" - take a step forward in faith - based on each of the Principles. Everyone will get from the start to the finish in seven steps.

Introduce each Principle by reading both the adult and children's versions. Ask, "How will you step up to this Principle?" Invite the children, one at a time, to offer a commitment to act on this Principle. For instance, if the Principle is "the inherent worth and dignity of every person," a child might offer: "I will step up by not teasing a friend," or "I will step up by listening calmly to someone I don't agree with."

Tell the children one rule of this game is that they may help each other. You might say:

This game will give us practice acting as a Unitarian Universalist community. We support each other to take faithful actions, and we know we can make a bigger difference when we work together.

Prompt children by reminding them of actions they wrote on Faithful Footprints or Making Tracks wheelchairs in earlier sessions. As the game goes on, you may wish to help children who are having a harder time thinking of examples by making suggestions. ("Jesse, will you be a peacemaker by helping friends talk through a problem?")

You may wish to give a prize of stickers printed with the Unitarian Universalist Principles to each child who reaches the finish line. If you award prizes, make sure that every child eventually has the chance to cross the line.

Including All Participants

If anyone in your group uses a wheelchair, substitute "move forward" for the phrase "step up."