Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Faithful Journeys: A Program about Pilgrimages of Faith in Action for Grades 2-3

Activity 2: Move It! Knots

Activity time: 5 minutes

Preparation for Activity

  • Identify an open area with room for all the children to gather and move about a bit.

Description of Activity

Explain to the children that today we will be talking about our seventh Unitarian Universalist Principle, respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part. You may say:

This game will give us a taste of what it feels like to all be connected, and to remember those connections as we work together to solve a problem.

Gather the children in a circle. Ask everyone to extend both hands in toward the center of the circle. Invite them to each take the hands of two different people who are not next to them in the circle.

When all are connected, tell the children they have now formed an interdependent web. Invite the children to untangle the knot into a circle, without anyone letting go of the hands they are holding.

Give the group a few minutes to try to turn the knot into a simple circle, still holding one another's hands. You might suggest they loosen their grip so their linked hands pivot easily but don't lose touch entirely. As they move, affirm children for paying attention to the ways they are connected to the others.

To conclude, ask the children:

  • Was it easier or harder to get untangled than you thought it would be?
  • Did anyone let go? What happened when you let go? How did you reconnect?

You can point out how important it was to pay attention to the specific ways they were all connected.

If you have time, try the game again.

Including All Participants

Children with mobility issues can participate from a chair or wheelchair, with others moving around them. Watch for children who may be uncomfortable being touched or crowded, and give them the choice to observe instead of play.