Tapestry of Faith: Creating Home: A Program on Developing a Sense of Home Grounded in Faith for Grades K-1

Alternate Activity 2: Finger Labyrinth

Part of Creating Home

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Copies of Handout 1, Finger Labyrinth for all participants
  • Cotton-tipped swabs
  • Paint, in wide-mouthed containers

Preparation for Activity

  • Print out and photocopy Handout 1, Finger Labyrinth.

Description of Activity

Tell children they will now let their fingers take a journey and return home, using a finger labyrinth. Provide copies of Handout 1, Finger Labyrinth, cotton swabs, and paint.

Allow children to experiment with walking their fingers across the threshold into the labyrinth. Explain that if they follow the path of the labyrinth, they can walk their fingers in, around, and back out across the threshold.

Invite children to use a cotton-tipped swab dipped in paint to trace the path into, around, and out of their labyrinths.