Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Amazing Grace: A Program about Exploring Right and Wrong for Grade 6

Faith In Action: Making UU Bumper Stickers

Part of Amazing Grace

Materials for Activity

  • Waterproof vinyl sticker paper, or sticker paper and acrylic paint
  • Washable markers
  • Photograph from the Conundrum Corner
  • Lamination supplies
  • Optional: Music player and background music

Preparation for Activity

  • Look for waterproof vinyl sticker paper in craft stores, office supply stores, or on these websites: Papilio or
  • Prepare your materials and suitable workspaces for quick access and ease of use.
  • Optional: Arrange in advance with your director of religious education to display completed bumper stickers in a public area.

Description of Activity

Ask participants to make their own bumper stickers that describe Unitarian Universalism, support actions that UUs think are virtuous, or object to activities that UUs think are wrong.

Make the photograph from the Conundrum Corner available to help inspire ideas. Youth may use their original ideas, those in the photograph, or those they have seen in the parking lot.

Play appropriate music quietly in the background if you like.

If the group has trouble getting started, consider brainstorming ideas. You might also offer "starter words" to the full group or to individuals who need them:

  • UUs are. . .
  • My church believes. . .
  • Wisdom. . .
  • My Principles say. . .

You might also offer ideas of specific causes:

  • Saving the environment
  • Ending war
  • Stopping discrimination
  • Respecting all people

Once bumper stickers are complete, laminate or add vinyl covering, or spray with acrylic paint.

Place the completed bumper stickers where all can see them-in a public area if you have arranged this in advance with your director of religious education. Ask for comments. Does the group think its bumper stickers would really help the world understand Unitarian Universalist ideas about right and wrong? Would their parents want them on their family cars? Is displaying bumper stickers a form of Faith in Action? If possible, leave the bumper stickers on display for others to see at a later time.

Another way that the bumper stickers can put Faith in Action is if participants donate them for auctioning-at either a congregational fund-raiser or a special fund-raiser to raise money for a project of the group's choosing.