Tapestry of Faith: Amazing Grace: A Program about Exploring Right and Wrong for Grade 6


Part of Amazing Grace

Everyone is a moon and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.

— Mark Twain

Session 13 discussed ethical and character conflict in terms of two inner wolves. This session examines how each of us has a "good" and a "bad" side to our character and personality and explores external barriers to right action. The session begins with the Conundrum Corner and the opening quote and continues with a story of a father and son trying always to do what others say they should. In Ethics Play, participants search for obstacles to right action. They build an obstacle course and advise others how to conquer it. They then discuss five common sayings about character and behavior. In Faith in Action, they consider the strengths on their own "good sides."

The session is the second of four that focuses on ethical development.


This session will:

  • Explore how good and bad sides exist in all of us
  • Consider obstacles to right action
  • Focus on the problems of peer pressure
  • Optional: Share techniques for anger management.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Consider the idea that people have two sides
  • Explore the challenges of trying to please other people
  • Identify obstacles that can block right action
  • Understand the concept of personal integrity
  • Examine how they may block their own right action.