Tapestry of Faith: Amazing Grace: A Program about Exploring Right and Wrong for Grade 6

Activity 3: Matching in Motion

Part of Amazing Grace

Activity time: 7 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Write the twelve terms on separate name tags. Do the same for the twelve definitions. For a version that you can keep for reuse, write them on hanging name tags or card stock with string attached so they can be worn around the neck. For a quick, disposable version, write them on sticky notes or stick-on name tags that will adhere to clothing.

Description of Activity

This activity uses a matching game to reinforce youth understanding of twelve terms related to ideas such as forgiveness and salvation.

Each youth should wear at least one of the name tags you prepared from the terms and definitions. If you use them all, you will have enough for twenty-four participants. If your group is smaller than that, cut back on the number of terms and definitions, let youth wear more than one, or consider doing the activity twice (either now or on another day) in order to use more of them. If your group has more than twenty-four youth, consider dividing it into two parts and giving each smaller group a set of labels to use. If you have an uneven number of participants, have a leader join the activity by displaying a label and passively waiting for the appropriate youth to join him/her.

Before handing out the cards, explain that this is a matching activity. Each person will wear either a term or a definition. When you say to begin, they will move around and match themselves up so that the terms and definitions are standing or sitting in pairs.

Allow the matching to proceed. When all have paired off, take a quick look to see if all combinations are correct. If not, say that there is a mismatch and ask the youth to reconsider the pairs. Offer guidance if necessary.

Conclude by asking each pair to state its term and definition aloud. Add any information you think will be useful as they do so. Ask if there are any questions concerning the terms and definitions.

Including All Participants

Use an approach that will allow all youth to participate. Do not assume, however, that youth using crutches or wheelchairs will not wish to move around the room during this activity.