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"About Styrofoam Products," tips on using floral foam and other Dow Styrofoam projects at Styrofoam Crafts.

Delf, Brian, illustrator. The Bible: The Really Interesting Bits! Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House Publishers, 1999. Very brief and well-illustrated versions of many Bible stories.

Forrest, Heather. Wisdom Tales from Around the World. Little Rock: August House Publishers, 1996. Includes "Amazing Grace: The Story of John Newton (1725-1807)."

Greeley, Andrew M. God Game. New York: Warner Books, 1986. An adult novel for leader interest and amusement, about a man who gets to play God via computer.

Parker, Victoria. The Children's Illustrated Bible. UK: Lorenz Books, 2002. A large and excellent collection of Bible stories, some in need of abridgement for telling in the time typically available during Amazing Grace: Exploring Right and Wrong.

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