Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Amazing Grace: A Program about Exploring Right and Wrong for Grade 6

Leader Resource 6: Ethics Play Scenario 5 - Sports

Part of Amazing Grace

There are six Ethics Play scenarios. Scenarios stand alone from the themes of any particular session, so you may use them with any session. The roll of the dice determines which scenario you use and which question you ask. Mark questions as you use them, to avoid repetition in future sessions. See Description of Activity for further directions.

  • You make a great hit and are running the bases in a league ballgame. You miss second base but the umpire does not see that. You score a triple. What do you do?
  • Your basketball team is ahead by one point. An opponent drives in hard for a lay-up. The only way to prevent the score is to foul your opponent. What do you do?
  • A track star once shoplifted and was caught by the police. The star has stayed out of trouble since, but still gets upset if anybody mentions that one mistake. Your friend is going to race the star, and the star is a better runner. The friend wants you to stand near the finish line and yell "thief" so the star will get upset and lose. What do you do?
  • You are sitting in the crowd at a basketball game. The referee makes a bad call against your team. Everybody around you starts complaining and booing. Some people throw paper cups onto the court. What do you do?
  • A cousin you do not like is visiting and wants to play tennis with you using your equipment. You have two good rackets and one that is strung too loosely for anybody to play well. Your cousin does not know this. What do you do?
  • You and a friend are swimming in the same breaststroke race. Your friend needs to win to qualify for the state meet. You are the better swimmer, but you could let your friend win. You have already qualified for the state meet. However, if you win this race you will set an all-time team record for winning qualifying races. What do you do?