Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Chalice Children: A Program about Our Unitarian Universalist Community for Preschoolers

Activity 5: Fruit Chalices

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Leader Resource 1, Fruit Chalices
  • Bananas, half a banana per child
  • Grapes, four to six per child
  • Melons, one slice per child
  • Several serving bowls, a knife that can cut bananas and melons, and, if needed, a spoon to scoop melon seeds
  • Paper plates or napkins, one per child
  • Hand sanitizer, or access to a sink with soap and water
  • Paper towels, moistened
  • Trash can with liner or (optional) a compost container
  • Optional: Digital camera or smartphone

Preparation for Activity

  • Check for any fruit allergies in the group. If using fruit is not feasible, consider using commercial cookie dough to make chalice cookies. The Chalice Palace website offers chalice-shaped cookie cutters. You will also find free chalice clip art and ideas for projects.
  • Print Leader Resource 1, Fruit Chalices. Use this picture as a guide to prepare fruit in shapes to form a chalice, and plan to show it to the children.
  • If melons are whole, cut them in half, scoop out seeds with a spoon, then slice the melon.
  • Halve the bananas.
  • Remove individual grapes from stems.
  • Put the cut-up fruit in serving bowls.
  • Clean the work table.
  • Optional: Arrange for a family to take home the fruit waste to compost or to feed a pet.

Description of Activity

Children create a chalice using different pieces of fruit.

Have the children clean their hands, and then invite them to the activity table. Remind the children of the shape of the chalice: it has a stem, a bowl, and (if lit) a flame. Show them the picture of children making fruit chalices. Tell them that one way to make a fruit chalice is to use a banana for the stem, a melon slice for the bowl, and grapes for the flames-but they can use their imaginations and find their own ways to create the shape of their chalice.

Give each child a paper plate or napkin, and invite them to explore the fruit in front of them. Allow them time to experiment with different designs before making their final chalice.

Once everyone has made a chalice, do a show-and-tell, so everyone gets a chance to see all the chalices. If you have a camera, take pictures of the fruit chalices (and children, too, if you have parent/caregiver permission). Tell the children that if they'd like to, they may eat their chalice! Some children will want to save their fruit chalices to show their families.

Invite the children to clean up. Put the melon rind and banana peels in the compost bag or the trash. Invite them to wipe up sticky fruit juices from the table with moistened paper towels and then wash their hands.

Including All Participants

If any children are allergic to bananas, grapes, or melon, use other fruit (or another medium altogether) for this activity.