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Meet Jesus: The Life and Lessons of a Beloved Teacher by Lynn Tuttle Gunney, illustrated by Jane Conteh-Morgan (Skinner House, 2007). Roberta and Christopher Nelson, authors of Unitarian Universalist parenting curricula including Parents as Resident Theologians, commented:

This story opens a door for understanding and having conversations with children about Jesus. Our children are growing up in world of increasing diversity. They hear conflicting ideas and views about Jesus. They need to have information and conversations with trusting adults as they begin to explore the many images and stories they see on TV, read in the media, and hear in the school yard. This book will help parents and leaders engage with the issues. We feel the book fills a real need.

Read Meg Barnhouse's humorous March 29, 2010 article in UU World, "The Honey Springs worship committee plans its Easter service: A minister, a Pagan, a Christian, a Humanist, and an anthropologist set to work, in a congregation not unlike yours."

Meet Jesus The Life and Lessons of a Beloved Teacher

By Lynn Tuttle Gunney, Jane Conteh-Morgan

From Skinner House Books

Beautiful illustrations and a simple text follow the life of Jesus. For ages four to eight.

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