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In an inspiring video, Rev. Jason Shelton talks about composing the hymn "Standing on the Side of Love," Hymn 1014 in Singing the Journey.

Visit the website of the UUA's Standing on the Side of Love, an interfaith public advocacy campaign which in 2010 began the tradition of re-imagining Valentine's Day as a social justice holiday. Read stories of many ways UUs and others stand on the side of love and consider sharing your own story. Find an action you can join, yourself, with your family, or as a congregational community.

Read the 2012 sermon "Love Is Always Tough" by Rev. David Pyle. Here is an excerpt:

Love is not just this high ideal of humanity at our best...

it is also the pain of humanity at our worst.

You can never be hurt worse than when you love.

And yet it is this ideal of love

that calls us to come back to it,

to continue to risk ourselves

knowing that we are going to be hurt,

on the belief that it is worth it...

that the benefits of love, in all of its forms,

are worth the pain and the risk that love always entails.