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Taking It Home: Teddy Bear Month — Sick!

Will you be there for me, comfort me tenderly? — from "When I Am Frightened," Hymn 1012 in Singing the Journey

IN TODAY'S SESSION . . . the theme was "Caring for one another when we feel sick." Teddy Bear Month uses a third party—teddy bears—to introduce some potentially scary situations in a nonthreatening way. Please have your child bring a teddy bear or other favorite stuffed animal to each of the remaining sessions in Teddy Bear Month: [dates].

EXPLORE THE TOPIC TOGETHER . . . Read some of the books suggested in this session:

  • Corduroy by Don Freeman, 1976. A slightly dusty teddy bear is fixed up and finds a new home.
  • Teddybears and the Cold Cure by Susanna Gretz and Alison Sage, 1998. When William's cold lingers too long and his demands for attention increase, the other teddy bears work a miraculous cure.
  • The Best-Loved Bear by Diana Noonan, illustrated by Elizabeth Fuller, 1994. All the children in Tim's class are taking their teddy bears to school to find out which one is the best loved. Tim feels embarrassed. What will everybody think of his poor old battered teddy?
  • Bear Feels Sick by Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman, 2007. Autumn has come to the woods, and Bear doesn't feel well. He sniffles and sneezes. He cannot sleep. He aches all over. Worst of all, he's feeling too poorly to play with his friends.

EXTEND THE TOPIC TOGETHER. What everyone in the family can do to help, when a parent or caregiver is sick? Engage children to list of ways to help and discuss what it means to care for others. Draw pictures of ways that children can care for a family member or a friend who is sick.

A Family Discovery. Learn more about Prayer Shawl Ministry and Blanket Ministry. If your congregation does not have an activity like this, perhaps another community organization or service agency near you does. See what you can find out. Perhaps there is a way for you and your child to participate or observe.

A Family Ritual. Invite the teddy bear to join you as you light a chalice together. Say chalice-lighting words, such as, "We light this chalice for the warmth of love and friendship, the light of truth, and the energy of action."