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Spiritual Preparation

Take time before the session and find a quiet place for reflection. The rainbow is a transient, beautiful feature of nature, appearing rarely enough to cause us to pause and wonder. Its magic has been the focus of many legends and folklore. In North American culture, it is associated with the movie The Wizard of Oz and a sense of hope of a different, better world. To help you be mindful of the moments when a rainbow appears, consider adopting this ritual:

When you see a rainbow, pause.

Take hands with anyone you are with and say (or sing) this snippet from "De Colores," Hymn 305 in Singing the Living Tradition:

All the colors, as a rainbow appears when a storm cloud is touched by the sun.

Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mi.

All the colors abound for the whole world around and for everyone under the sun.