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Taking It Home: Faithful Spending

Part of The Wi$dom Path

We are constantly seeking more only to discover that more is never enough. — Vicki Robin, in Your Money or Your Life

Take a walk around your home. What objects or possessions bring you great joy? Are there items you regret purchasing or ones that have not brought you the sense of fulfillment you expected? Set an intention to highlight those items that bring you pleasure or joy or that are connected to important memories. Allow yourself to linger over items you regret having purchased. You might journal about your purchase or share the story of the disappointment or regret with a trusted friend. If possible, find good uses for items you regret that you bought. Consider what you have learned from attending to this aspect of your consumer behavior. What changes do you resolve to make going forward?

Jot down your reflections; they may help you create your financial credo in Workshop 12.