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Faith In Action: Hospitality Hour Choices

Part of The Wi$dom Path

Description of Activity

Work with your hospitality committee or other appropriate group to offer fair trade and sustainable products for use during coffee hour or a fellowship event. Investigate the origin of products such as coffee, tea, and chocolate and plan ways to support the congregation’s use of fair trade refreshments. Examine your congregation’s use of paper goods and plastic ware, and propose a change that would reduce or eliminate the use of such products. Investigate the vendors that the congregation uses. Are any of them owned by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC), women, immigrants, queer folx, and others on the economic margins? If not, propose some changes. Make and display signs for the serving table to explain how your congregation puts its values into action in its choice of food and service items for hospitality; challenge congregants to make similar choices at home.