Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: The Wi$dom Path: An Adult Program on Money, Spirit, and Life

Leader Reflection and Planning

Part of The Wi$dom Path

Make a time for reflection and discussion with your co-facilitator after the conclusion of the workshop. Consider these questions:

  • What worked well in this workshop? How can these elements or approaches be repeated or amplified in the future?
  • What was most challenging? What could be done to make these parts easier or more effective?
  • At what points were participants most and least engaged?
  • Were all voices in the group heard?
  • Were voices and perspectives shared by people who identify with marginalized groups?
  • Was the room setup conducive to group functioning?
  • Did you have all the resources you needed?
  • Was your practical and spiritual preparation time adequate?
  • Are there opportunities to improve or modify for the next workshop?