Activity 2: Defining Economic Justice

Activity 2: Defining Economic Justice
Activity 2: Defining Economic Justice

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers, and tape
  • Selection of recent newspapers and news magazines

Preparation for Activity

  • Gather current newspapers and news magazines that cover current issues that have an economic justice angle. You will need enough so that each pair of participants will encounter several issues related to economic justice or injustice at play in the local and/or global community.
  • Write this definition of “economic justice” (from on newsprint, and set it aside:

Economic justice: The basic and well accepted principle of fairness where the consequence of official policies should be the equal allocation of benefits among participants in an economy. For example, implementing policies that reflect the goal of economic justice might involve eliminating discriminatory hiring practices and permitting people to work freely where their business skills are required.

  • Post blank newsprint.

Description of Activity

Invite participants to brainstorm words and concepts for a definition of economic justice. Capture their ideas on newsprint. After several minutes, post the newsprint on which you wrote the definition from Acknowledge that this is just one; there are other definitions. Invite participants to compare the group’s list of key words and concepts with the posted definition. Ask:

  • Who is included in the phrase “participants in an economy”?
  • How would you expand or alter the dictionary definition?
  • If we expand the definition to encompass the global community, what would we need to change?

Distribute newspapers and news magazines. Ask participants to work alone or in small groups to find an article that illustrates an issue of economic justice or injustice at play in their local communities and in the global community. After about five minutes, ask several people to share a headline and/or a very brief synopsis of a story they have found. Invite discussion on the way in which the impact of economic injustice is a part of everyday life, both locally and globally.

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