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I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.  — Maya Angelou

Watch the introductory video for The Generosity Path: Finding the Richness in Giving by Unitarian Universalist by Mark V. Ewert (Skinner House, 2013). Examine your records of financial giving for the past six months or year. What is the total amount you have given in that time? Is it more or less than you expected? What gifts did you feel especially passionate about? Is there a cause or a group you have not given to but wish you had? Calculate your giving history and assess how it intersects with your deepest values and the values of Unitarian Universalism. Consider what changes you would like to make, related to giving, to more closely align your passion and your values with your financial practices. You may wish to read Ewert’s book The Generosity Path for comprehensive guidance to help you make those changes. If appropriate, invite your partner or other family members into this conversation.

The Generosity Path Finding the Richness in Giving

By Mark V. Ewert

From Skinner House Books

With easy-to-read guidance, The Generosity Path sheds new light on our finances: connecting money to our values, beliefs, and loves and promoting skills and strategies in charitable giving.

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