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Faith In Action: Orthodoxies and Heresies

Description of Activity

Unitarian Universalists share this with all faiths: We hold high ideals and principles, and yet struggle to match our actions with our vision. Even as we honor our birthright as a community of heretics and celebrate our spiritual ancestors who followed their hearts and consciences to new truths, we sometimes settle-if uneasily or unconsciously-into a position that might be taken as "orthodoxy" in its original meaning: right belief.

Between now and when the group next gathers, pay attention to the formal communications of your congregation, such as your newsletter, bulletin, or website, as well as informal communications such as coffee hour conversations, "parking lot" meetings, and social interactions. Are there "right beliefs" in your congregation? What "orthodoxies" can you discern? Who are your theological insiders and outsiders? Is there room in your Unitarian Universalist circle for all theologies? Discuss your findings with others.