Tapestry of Faith: Faith Like a River: A Program on Unitarian Universalist History for Adults
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Diversity and Multiculturalism

James, Jacqui and Judith A. Frediani, Weaving the Fabric of Diversity (Bston, MA: Unitarian Universalist Association, 1996)

Morrison-Reed, Mark D. Black Pioneers in a White Demonination (Boston: Skinner House, 1992)

Unitarian Universalist Association Office of Muliticultural Growth and Witness

The Empowerment Controversy

Carpenter, Victor H. Long Challenge: The Empowerment Controversy (1967-1977) (Chicago: Meadville Lombard Theological School Press, 2003)

Forsey, Alicia McNary, ed. In Their Own Words (Berkeley, CA: Star King School for the Ministry, 2001)

Unitarian Universalism and the Quest for Racial Justice (Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association, 1993)

"Generation Theory"

Strauss, William and Neil Howe. Generations: The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069 (New York: Harper Perennial, 1992)

Intergenerational Ministry

Additional information on intergenerational ministry and dialogue can be found in Gambone, James V. All Are Welcome: A Primer for Intentional Intergenerational Ministry and Dialogue (Elder Eye Press, 1998)

Unitarian Universalism and the Quest for Racial Justice

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