Tapestry of Faith: Faith Like a River: A Program on Unitarian Universalist History for Adults

Alternate Activity 2: Caroline Soule - Universalism's First Missionary

Activity time: 25 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Read the story and prepare to read or tell it to the group.
  • Write on newsprint:
    • Who have been the "missionaries" in your life? Have there been people whose enthusiasm for Unitarian Universalism has called you into deeper relationship with your faith?
    • What challenges do you think they had to overcome in being able to share their faith with you?
    • Have you shared your faith with others? In what ways was it easy or challenging?
  • Optional: Prepare the quotation and the questions as one or two digital slides. Test the computer and projector.

Description of Activity

Read the story "Universalism's First Missionary" aloud or present it in your own words.

Post the prepared questions. Explain to participants that missionary work was often a challenge for Caroline Soule. As we heard in her own words, she had to overcome a natural shyness in speaking to gatherings, and her poor health and rigorous schedule often taxed her strength. But she was dedicated to, and energized by, her cause of bringing Universalism to a wider circle of people.

Ask participants to consider the questions. Invite them to share the stories of those who have been missionaries in their lives.