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Taking It Home: Body Practices

Follow these tips for using your body as part of your spiritual regimen:

Move. This means more than just exercise. Look for every opportunity to put your body into motion—to walk, dance, run, jump, stretch, reach. Move as much as your spirit and physical abilities allow.

Use your senses. Commit to making better use of all your senses in your quest to engage more deeply with life. Walk barefoot in the grass or the sand; take the time to smell an orange before you eat it; luxuriate in the warm water and soap while you wash the dishes; feel the warmth of the cup while you drink your morning coffee or tea; light a scented candle. You can practice mindfulness by stopping at different points in the day and getting in touch with each of your five senses: what am I seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling with my skin?

Develop a healthful and balanced way of eating. An entire industry is dedicated to helping people find the right diet, and an even larger industry is dedicated to making sure that we don't. Try mindful eating—taking care to notice and savor every bite during a snack or a meal each day.