Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirit in Practice: An Adult Program for Developing A Regular Practice of the Spirit

Alternate Activity 2: Exploring The Spheres With Peers

Activity time: 30 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, at least eight sheets (one per potential group)
  • Markers, at least eight (one per potential group)
  • Optional: Microphone (preferably cordless)

Description of Activity

If the group is large enough, ask participants to form small groups around particular spheres of spiritual growth that they especially want to focus on in the year to come. Remind the group that the spheres are Personal Spiritual Practices, Communal Worship Practices, Spiritual Partnerships, Mind Practices, Body Practices, Soul Practices, Life Practices, and Justice Practices.

For instance, if there are several people who want to bring more "soul practices" into their lives, invite them meet together while those who want to explore "spiritual partnerships" gather in another group.

When the small groups have formed, give each group a marker and a sheet of newsprint. Invite them to discuss and/or brainstorm ways the individuals might more fully engage the sphere, or ways the group might collectively work on it. They could also come up with plans to help the entire congregation have more opportunities in this sphere.

When the groups have finished their work, provide a time for each group to report back to the larger group, sharing their ideas.

Including All Participants

If you notice participants struggling to hear one another in their small groups, allow some groups to leave the room and find a quieter space. You may wish to pass a cordless microphone when the small groups give their reports so that participants can hear one another better.