Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: The New UU: A Program for Welcoming Newcomers to Unitarian Universalist Congregations


Part of The New UU

Isn't half the job of becoming educated learning to ask the right questions? — Edith Hunter, 20th-century Unitarian religious educator

This workshop introduces the philosophy of Unitarian Universalist religious education, especially the concept of lifespan faith development as the search for truth and meaning that goes on throughout our lives. Activities emphasize the role of narrative and the need for religious education to provide ways to respond to all that life presents. Participants hear the experiences of congregants involved with your religious education program in a variety of different roles and capacities. Alternate activities introduce participants to your congregation's specific approaches to religious education programming. In selecting activities, consider what would be most informative and best suited to your particular New UU group.

Before leading this workshop, review Accessibility Guidelines for Workshop Presenters found in the program Introduction and make any preparations needed to accommodate your group.

If you only have an hour for the workshop, omit Activity 3 and shorten Activity 4 by five minutes.


This workshop will:

  • Present information about the Unitarian Universalist approach to lifespan faith development
  • Examine the power of narrative as a component of faith development
  • Explore how faith, Unitarian Universalist identity and spiritual development are shaped through your congregation's religious education programming.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Gain insights into their own religious and spiritual education
  • Understand the role of narrative in Unitarian Universalist religious education
  • Identify key components of Unitarian Universalist religious education philosophy
  • Interact with Unitarian Universalists about the role of religious education in their lives.