Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: What Moves Us: A Unitarian Universalist Theology Program for Adults

Spiritual Preparation

Part of What Moves Us

Read Leader Resource 3, Thoughts on the Word God. Use these questions to help you find connections between your own theology and Fahs'. You may wish to write your answers in your theology journal:

  • What does the term God mean to you? To what does the term refer for you? Do you find it a useful term when reflecting on your own experiences of creativity and creative engagement? Compare and contrast your understanding of the term God with Fahs' understanding of the term.
  • According to Fahs, human beings were originally impelled "to be religious because [they] needed something [they] had not yet found." Have you felt impelled to want to be religious? If you have not felt so impelled, reflect upon the circumstances that led you to become a Unitarian Universalist. Then find the emotions linked to these circumstances (e.g., feeling emotionally confused, feeling at risk, feeling alone, feeling free). Fahs believes that this emotional component of your experience led to the transformation of your feelings into religious sentiments. Do you agree?
  • Are you a Unitarian Universalist because you needed something and found it in this faith tradition? Are you seeking something you have not yet found? Do Fahs' claims here make sense to you based on your own experience?