Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: What Moves Us: A Unitarian Universalist Theology Program for Adults

Activity 2: Introducing Thandeka

Part of What Moves Us

Activity time: 5 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Participant journals
  • Variety of writing and drawing materials
  • Handout 1, Introducing Thandeka
  • Optional: Microphone

Preparation for Activity

  • Prepare a copy of the handout for each participant.

Description of Activity

Briefly introduce the Rev. Dr. Thandeka using these words as a guide.

Rev. Dr. Thandeka is cited as one of our most influential contemporary Unitarian Universalist theologians. She is the author of two books and numerous articles, and a contributor to major theological publications. Thandeka, as a congregational consultant, leads the "We Love Beyond Belief" project ( She has taught at a number of seminaries and universities and her work has been important in the ministerial preparation of many of our current Unitarian Universalist ministers. Before receiving her doctorate in philosophy of religion and theology from the Claremont Graduate University, Thandeka was an Emmy award-winning television producer. Over 16 years, she produced, directed, written and/or produced more than 400 television programs.

Thandeka's !Xhosa name means "beloved;" it was given to her by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She has been a keynote speaker at Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist events in Britain, Paris, and Prague, and also spoken to and led workshops for hundreds of our congregations in the United States. She is one of the major voices of the small group ministry movement that has brought this new program initiative into most of our congregations.

Distribute Handout 1, which contains more detail about her life, for participants to take home.