Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Spirit of Life: An Adult Program on Unitarian Universalist Spirituality

Leader Reflection and Planning

Part of Spirit of Life

You've done it! You've completed the teaching of Spirit of Life. Even though your congregation's series is complete, it is still quite valuable for co-facilitators to get together and evaluate the experience of this final meeting. Use these questions to guide your shared reflection and planning:

  • What were some of our favorite moments of the whole series?
  • What were some of our most challenging moments?
  • What did we handle well as facilitators?
  • What could we handle better as facilitators for future programs?
  • What can we affirm about the effectiveness of one another's leadership?
  • What can we affirm about one another's leadership style?
  • Where do we go from here? Is there anything left that we need to follow up on?