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Breaking Free: Women of Spirit at Midlife and Beyond is a series of essays by women writers, compiled by Unitarian Universalist minister Marilyn Sewell. The book explores themes similar to those explored in this workshop.

Finding Your Religion: When the Faith You Grew Up With Has Lost Its Meaning, by Rev. Scotty McLennan, a Unitarian Universalist minister serving as Dean for Religious Life at Stanford University. Explores the concepts of spiritual and faith development throughout one's life.

Writing the Sacred Journey: The Art and Practice of Spiritual Memoir by Elizabeth J. Andrew, an author, writing instructor, and Unitarian Universalist layperson.

Questions for the Religious Journey: Finding Your Own Path by George Kimmich Beach, a Unitarian Universalist minister. Provides theological food for thought and tools for religious introspection from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.

Finding the Voice Inside: Writing as a Spiritual Quest for Women by Gail Collins-Ranadive, a Unitarian Universalist minister. Offers a series of writing exercises guiding women to explore their spirituality.

Breaking Free Women of Spirit at Midlife and Beyond

By Marilyn Sewell

From Beacon Press

Groundbreaking anthology for women searching for spiritual guideposts to the second half of life.

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