Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Hindsight, Humor, and Hope: An Adult Program


  • Arrange for coffee, tea, and water at the workshop.
  • Arrange for furniture setup:
    • For large group: Place tables in a horseshoe arrangement (leaders at the head table, chairs around outside of tables).
    • For smaller group: Place one or two table tables in a rectangle (leaders sit at a middle side and chairs are positioned around the outside).
  • Table(s) for serving lunch
  • Set a hymnbook on the table in front of each chair.
  • Obtain polished river stones, black permanent markers, spiral notebooks, and envelopes at a craft or art store.
  • Place a chalice or candle on a chalice cloth at the leader's place. Lay stones around the chalice.
  • Follow the directions in the Materials section of the program Introduction to make mandala sketch books.
  • Customize and make copies of Handout 1, Taking It Home.
  • Make copies of Handout 2, Emerging Wisdom.
  • Write workshop agenda on a newsprint sheet, using Workshop-at-a-Glance table, and post.
  • Post Group Rules of Respect from Workshop 1.
  • Download, print, and fill in Leader Resource 1, Certificates, for all participants.
  • Create mandala sketchbooks for all participants.
  • Write on a newsprint sheet, and set aside:

We close our time by extinguishing the chalice and carry its light and our blessings with us into the world.

  • Shuffle the Blessing Cards.