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  • Coffee, tea, and water service items
  • Tissues (for participant use)
  • Chalice, candle, and lighter, or LED battery-operated candle
  • Cloth
  • Chime or bell for signaling time
  • Name badges from Workshop 1
  • Group Rules of Respect from Workshop 1
  • Singing the Living Tradition, the UUA hymnbook, enough for all participants
  • Light-colored, polished river stones, one for each person plus a few extra (flat stones offer more writing space)
  • Black medium-point permanent markers
  • 4x6-inch spiral bound art pad (24 sheets), one for each participant
  • 3-inch circular lid or template for each participant
  • 4x5-inch envelope for each person
  • Write this journaling prompt on newsprint:
  • One way I will reach out to others using my inner strength is…
  • Handout 1, Taking It Home
  • Handout 2, Emerging Wisdom
  • Leader Resource 1, Certificates
  • Blessing Cards
  • Optional: Recruit the congregation’s Caring Committee or other appropriate group to set up and clean up the lunch, allowing participants to concentrate on the workshop

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