Elderhood in the twenty-first century brings a golden gift of time that earlier generations may not have received. It offers moments to rethink and revalue one’s expertise and interests. Increased self-understanding makes it possible to expand one’s ability to create something new or build a new way of being, even while dealing with physical and mental challenges, losses, and financial concerns that sometimes come with aging.

The focus for this workshop is deepening participants’ understanding of the grounding of their lives. They have worked hard to create a Lifescape or Life Map, dealing with old hurts, angers, and grudges and leaving themselves freer to make gains in personal spiritual growth. For this workshop, each participant brings with them a cherished object that connects to their deepest sense of being, their soul. Participants will spend time journaling before sharing their object with others and relating it to their own story.

Note: This workshop includes mandala making. A tactile collage mandala is an alternative for visually impaired persons. Complete instructions and a materials list can be found in the materials section of the Introduction.

Experience has shown that this program works best when each workshop begins with the opportunity for participants to eat lunch together. Shared lunch, whether individual brown bag or something more elaborate, allows time for community building and sets a tone for what follows. A few days before the workshop, remind participants by email or phone to bring their special objects, their bag lunch, and a mug or tell them about lunch arrangements you have made.


This workshop will:

  • Invite participants to continue to grow a supportive community
  • Invite participants to value elderhood as a time of spiritual richness despite personal challenges of aging
  • Offer mandala making as a spiritual tool.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Continue to grow a supportive community
  • Come to value elderhood as a time of spiritual richness despite personal challenges of aging
  • Take part in and learn simple stretching exercises
  • Share reflections on objects representing their deepest sense of being
  • Create mandalas to further explore inner wisdom and strength.