Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Hindsight, Humor, and Hope: An Adult Program

Activity 1: Stretching

Activity time: 5 minutes

Lead the group in stretching exercises, demonstrating as you lead. These are the same exercises used in Workshop 2, adapted from the book Five-Minute Massage by Robert Thé:

Exercise 1: Begin by stretching your face. Gently rub small circles all over your face with both hands. (1 min.) Softly pat your face all over. (1 min.) Feel the color come to your cheeks as the muscles and blood vessels respond. Now relive your childhood and make some funny faces: Here’s one to try: Scrunch up your forehead and try to wiggle your nose. What other funny faces are in your repertoire? Then open your mouth wide and say, “ooh-eee-ooh-eee-ooh-eee”! a few times (1 min.) And finally, with both hands, caress every part of your face. (1 min.)

Exercise 2: Take a deep, slow breath. Stretch wide your arms out to the side, being careful not to whack your neighbor! Feel your chest expand and stretch. Now , gently tap your chest and sides using a soft fist. (1 min.) It is said that this exercise helps your immune system.