Tapestry of Faith: Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition: A Lay Leadership Development Program for Adults

Activity 3: The Who of Leadership

(10 minutes)



  • Copy Handout 1, The “Who” of Leadership, for all participants.
  • Pre-arrange with four participants to read aloud the four paragraphs of the handout. You may wish to provide them each with a copy ahead of time.


Distribute Handout 1. Ask the four participants to each read aloud a paragraph. Then, invite participants to spend five minutes with a partner sharing responses to the handout, using these questions:

  • What new insights did you gain?
  • What in the piece rings true for you?

After five minutes, reconvene the group. Ask participants if they are familiar with the work of Margaret Benefiel. In her book Soul at Work, she defines spirituality broadly as “the human spirit, fully engaged.” She goes on to state, “Spirituality includes the intellectual, emotional, and relational depth of human character, as well as the continuing capability and yearning for personal development and evolution.” Point out that the capacity for full engagement is important, especially in a moment of crisis.

Invite participants to name some spiritual practices that can strengthen and deepen us and help us to engage more fully in all that life offers. If participants need prompting, you can suggest prayer, worship, small-group ministry, meditation, service, time in the natural world, singing or making music, and journaling.