Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition: A Lay Leadership Development Program for Adults

Activity 4: What Sustains You?

(20 minutes)


  • A variety of color and fancy papers, markers, and glue and/or glue sticks
  • Scissors (including left-handed scissors) for all participants
  • Cardboard box, large basket, or other large container
  • An attractive piece of cloth large enough to cover the container


  • Set up a work area so that participants will each have room to work and can easily share the art materials.
  • In a central place, such as your chalice-lighting area, set a large box, basket, or other container, and cover it with the cloth.


Ask participants to consider what sustains them in times of crisis. What spiritual practices or disciplines do they find helpful? What keeps them grounded and centered when they face challenges?

Invite participants to use papers, glue, and markers to create symbols—words, pictures, abstract creations, or a combination—representing the things that sustain them and help keep their spirits fully engaged. For example, they might create a leaf to represent walking in the woods and/or a small book to represent journaling. Tell them that they can create a single symbol or as many as they like.

After 15 minutes, reconvene the group. Invite participants to name their sustaining spiritual practices as they place their creations in the container, one person at a time.