Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Harvest the Power, 2nd Edition: A Lay Leadership Development Program for Adults

Faith in Action: Sharing Leadership Stories with the Congregation


  • Newsprint, markers, and wall-safe tape


  • Talk with your minister, administrator, and other appropriate congregational leaders to explore ways participants’ leadership stories might be shared with the congregation. If possible, develop specific options, complete with dates, to suggest to the group.
  • Post blank newsprint.


Engage participants to explore ways to share their leadership stories with the broader congregation. For example, the Harvest the Power group might invite committees or other groups to participate in the “Sharing Leadership Journeys” activity. Or, the group might create a series of newsletter articles or blog posts. Record their ideas on newsprint.

As a plan takes shape, decide who will take charge of necessary tasks and plan logistics for sharing leadership stories in another group or setting. Document task assignments on newsprint.