Alternate Activity 2: Our Leadership Stories - Going Deeper

Alternate Activity 2: Our Leadership Stories - Going Deeper
Alternate Activity 2: Our Leadership Stories - Going Deeper

Activity time: 25 minutes

Description of Activity

If the group has done Workshop 1 of Harvest the Power, participants had an opportunity to tell one another their leadership stories. Now, participants re-examine (or, consider for the first time) their own leadership journeys through the lens of "dangers leaders face."

Begin with a guided meditation, pausing to allow reflection after each question:

We are going to envision our roles as congregational leaders through a brief guided meditation. Please sit comfortably. Either close your eyes or focus on an object in the room. Take three slow, deep breaths, counting silently to four on each inhale and exhale.

Think about your role as a leader in your congregation. What or who first recognized your potential to be a leader?

When did you realize that you were a leader?

Think about the leadership positions you have held, events you've planned, programs or groups you have led, or times you have been part leading worship. What dangers or challenges have you faced along the way?

What is it that grounds you and helps you to maintain your own integrity in the face of dangers and challenges?

How has being a leader helped you to grow spiritually?

Bring your attention back to the room as you are ready, and finish with three more slow, deep breaths.

Invite participants to move into groups of three or four and share their leadership stories, with a focus on dangers they have faced along the way. Ask small groups, after each person has shared, to reflect together on the dangers and risks they currently face as congregational leaders, particularly if they are leading in a time of change.

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