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Spiritual Preparation

Spiritual Preparation
Spiritual Preparation

Read Handout 1. Consider your own leadership story in the light of Heifetz and Linsky's work on the dangers leaders face. Where have you faced danger? Did you anticipate danger, or did it surprise you? How did you meet it? What did you learn from the experience?

Express yourself artistically as a leader. Write a poem, create a mask, paint, sing or play favorite hymns or write in your journal. How has facilitating Harvest the Power workshops deepened your understanding of yourself as a leader? Built your leadership skills and confidence?

Reflect on your experiences as a follower. When, and under what circumstances have your followed someone else's lead? Are you more anxious as a leader or as a follower? What experiences as a follower have enriched your understanding of what it means to lead?

To strengthen your leadership skills and confidence, explore the leadership development resources recommended at the end of the workshop, as well as Workshop 1, Leader Resource 1, Accessibility Guidelines for Workshop Presenters.

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