Alternate Activity 1: News You Can UUse!

Alternate Activity 1: News You Can UUse!
Alternate Activity 1: News You Can UUse!

Activity time: 30 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Card stock to fold in half to make table tents
  • Several tables or rooms for small groups to spread out and collaborate
  • Newsprint and markers
  • Writing paper and pens/pencils

Preparation for Activity

  • Make up to five table tents by folding card stock. Label each with one of these headings: SPIRITUAL/ FAITH DEVELOPMENT, WORSHIP, SOCIAL JUSTICE, MUSIC and FACILITY. Or, use other headings that are more appropriate for your congregation.
  • Set up several tables, each with one or two sheets of newsprint, writing paper, markers, pens/pencils and one of the tent signs. If you will use multiple rooms, keep all the table tents with you to introduce the activity.

Description of Activity

Tell participants they are going to travel ten years into the future of their congregation. Show them the tent signs for various aspects of congregational life. Invite them to choose the one which most interests/suits them and form small groups according to interest. Direct the small groups to write either a congregational newsletter article or a press release for local media that announces and explains the activities of the congregation, as if today were ten years in the future. Tell small groups they have 20 minutes for this part of the activity and ask them to move with their tent sign to the tables/rooms you have prepared.

After 20 minutes, re-gather the entire group. Invite small groups to share their articles. Ask participants to consider how, as leaders, they might move the congregation toward the accomplishments they have imagined. You might suggest that by imagining the future, they have taken the first step.

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