Activity 3: Working and Coping Styles

Activity 3: Working and Coping Styles
Activity 3: Working and Coping Styles

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Paper and pens/ pencils for all participants

Description of Activity

Distribute paper and pens/pencils. Read aloud this scenario:

You have just been asked to be part of a seven-person committee established to work on an issue of great importance to the congregation, and you have agreed to serve. The charge to the committee is unclear to you, and the Board has not chosen a leader, instead telling you to choose a chair from among the group. The night of the first meeting, all seven of you assemble in a room at the appointed time. What would you do under these circumstances?

Tell participants they have three minutes to reflect.on the first two or three things they would do for this hypothetical committee meeting.

Then, invite participants to move into groups of three and share their ideas. After participants have spent ten minutes sharing in triads, invite general comments from the group about the experience. You may prompt with these questions:

  • In what ways did you and your conversation partners respond similarly to this situation? Differently?
  • To what do you attribute the different approaches?
  • Where is self-care in this scenario? Where should or could it appear?

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