Spiritual Preparation

Spiritual Preparation
Spiritual Preparation

If you have a personal spiritual practice, engage in it before facilitating this workshop. Consider your own spiritual practice, level of self-care, and potential for fatigue and burnout by answering the following questions honestly. Writing your answers will help you to refer to them after the workshop to notice differences in your feelings before and after:

  • In what ways am I currently taking good care of myself?
  • In what ways could I take better care of myself?
  • Am I excited about leading this workshop? (If not, why?)
  • Do I currently feel joy or satisfaction in my service to the congregation?
  • Does my work at the congregation feel like a chore or obligation?
  • What is currently causing me stress?
  • What is currently giving me joy?

To strengthen your leadership skills and confidence, explore the leadership development resources recommended at the end of the workshop, as well as Workshop 1, Leader Resource 1, Accessibility Guidelines for Workshop Presenters.

For more information contact religiouseducation@uua.org.

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