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Activity 2: Case Study - James Luther Adams

Activity 2: Case Study - James Luther Adams
Activity 2: Case Study - James Luther Adams

Activity time: 35 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Copy the story and Handout 1 for all participants.
  • Optional: Prepare newsprint with the questions from Handout 1. Post as a reference for individual and small group reflection, and use to capture comments when the large group reconvenes.

Description of Activity

This activity presents a story about theologian James Luther Adams. Participants will identify the choices leaders made in the story which moved their congregation toward embracing racial integration. The group will explore how the individuals' choices reflected their faith.

Read the story aloud.

Then, distribute the story and the handout. Invite the group to take a few moments to re-read the story and reflect on the questions on the handout. Allow three minutes for individual reflection.

Now, ask participants to work in groups of four to examine the story together, using the questions as a guide. Tell them in 15 minutes you will ask them to report back, especially on their responses to last question.

After 15 minutes, re-gather the large group and invite small groups to report.

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