For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then we will see face to face. Now I know only in part; then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known. — Christian scripture, I Corinthians 13:12

This workshop introduces the idea of turning points, or moments of grace—times when events or circumstances lead one's life in a new direction. After identifying personal turning points, participants consider conditions that can lead a congregation to a turning point.

This is the last of four workshops in the Identity unit. It focuses on vision, or big picture thinking, offering an opportunity to experience what Ronald Heifetz calls "getting on the balcony" to look at their lives and the life of the congregation.


This workshop will:

  • Introduce the idea of turning points, or moments of grace
  • Explore ways congregations can experience turning points, or adaptive challenges
  • Expand and deepen understanding of the difference between management and leadership.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Explore their own turning points and moments of grace
  • Explore the difference between management and leadership
  • Gain experience in identifying leadership and management issues by enacting or observing role plays
  • View leadership as a response to adaptive challenges
  • Name adaptive challenges and potential turning points in their own congregation.

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