Handout 1: UU Quiz Game Questions, Side 1

Handout 1: UU Quiz Game Questions, Side 1
Handout 1: UU Quiz Game Questions, Side 1


  • Who was Whitney Young?

Answer: Twentieth-century social worker, educator, civil rights leader and winner of the Medal of Freedom

  • Who was Clara Barton?

Answer: Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross


  • What is green sanctuary?

Answer: Program where congregations work toward environmental justice

  • What are some recent UUA statements of conscience?

Answer: Threat of Global Warming, Peacemaking and Alternatives to the War on Drugs

  • What is a Welcoming Congregation?

Answer: A congregation that has an intentional outreach to Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian and Transgender people and their families


  • What are some of the Sources of our tradition?

Answer: Wisdom from the world's religions, spiritual teachings of earth-based religions, stories of prophetic women and men, Jewish and Christian teachings, direct experience of mystery and wonder, humanist teachings

  • In which traditions are the religious and historical roots of Unitarian Universalism?

Answer: Judaism and Christianity


  • What is the name of the continental UU young adult organization?

Answer: C*UUYAN (pronounced See-oo-yan) or continental UU Young Adult Network.

  • In what kind of document are the seven principles contained? (hint: a __________ of right relations)

Answer: A covenant

  • What do UUA districts do?

Answer: They provide geographically based resources to help local congregations.


  • Who said "We need not think alike to love alike?"

Answer: Francis David, sixteenth-century Transylvanian Unitarian preacher

  • Who said "Give them not hell, but hope and courage?"

Answer: John Murray, eighteenth-century Universalist, minister of the first Universalist Church in the U.S.

  • Who said, "Men their rights and nothing more. Women their rights and nothing less"?

Answer: Susan B. Anthony, nineteenth-century advocate for women's suffrage

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