Activity 3: UU Reverse Quiz Game

Activity 3: UU Reverse Quiz Game
Activity 3: UU Reverse Quiz Game

Activity time: 25 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Familiarize yourself with the rules of the UU Reverse Quiz.
  • Prepare the game board as instructed in Leader Resource 1.
  • Optional: Copy Leader Resource 2 to give all participants after the game.

Description of Activity

Participants build rapport, confidence and Unitarian Universalist identity playing this game. A set of topics, responses and questions for the game are provided in Leader Resources 1 and 2. The responses and questions are not meant to be difficult. They are meant to inform Unitarian Universalist lay leaders and lead them to other resources for use in their congregational work.

Invite participants to form three teams diverse in age and amount of experience as Unitarian Universalists to allow for pooling of information. If the group is larger than 12, consider playing two games simultaneously.

How to Play the Game

Invite each team to designate a captain. This person will raise a hand when the team is ready to respond.

Ask the first team to select a category and a point value for their first question. Remove the self-sticking note covering the block selected. Read the response printed there and start the one-minute timer. Invite both teams to huddle and frame a question that matches the response. For example, for the response, "Unitarian and Universalist," a question might be, "What do the two Us stand for in UUA?".

Each answer may fit with several possible questions.

Explain that when a team is ready with a response, the captain may raise a hand, and you will hear responses from teams in the order in which the captains raised their hands. A correct response earns a team the points assigned the block and the opportunity to pick the next category and value. If a team gives an incorrect response, deduct the points for that category and value from its score. Call on teams in the order in which the captains raise their hands until a team responds correctly or one minute has elapsed. If no team has answered correctly, read aloud a question that fits the response. No team receives points. The team which chose the last category and value gets another chance to choose.

After the game, you may wish to distribute copies of Leader Resource 2 so participants have the game's questions and answers for their own reference. Offer a round of applause to the team with the most points and invite all to share the treat you have brought, now or during a break.

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