I call that mind free which jealously guards its intellectual rights and powers; which does not content itself with a passive or hereditary faith; which opens itself to light whencesoever it may come; which receives new truth as an angel from heaven. — William Ellery Channing, 19th-century

Unitarian preacher and writer

This workshop deepens lay leaders' sense of identity as Unitarian Universalists by building knowledge and understanding of our Unitarian Universalist history and heritage. Each participant will share their own path to Unitarian Universalism. A light-hearted quiz game and other activities will help them gain knowledge about Unitarian Universalist history, tradition and practice.

The two-hour workshop includes a 10-minute break following Activity 3.

While it promises to be a fun activity, the UU Reverse Quiz Game (Activity 3) requires substantial preparation time. The game in Alternate Activity 1 takes less time to prepare.


This workshop will:

  • Increase participants' knowledge of Unitarian Universalist history, tradition and current practice
  • Help participants explore and articulate their own faith
  • Examine lay leadership from a Unitarian Universalist perspective.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Articulate and share their journey to Unitarian Universalism
  • Reflect on their journeys' similarities with and differences from those of other participants
  • Learn information about Unitarian Universalism's history and heritage
  • Express or articulate their own faith.

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