Activity 2: Adaptable Frogs

Activity 2: Adaptable Frogs
Activity 2: Adaptable Frogs

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Review both stories. The first is a newspaper article and the second is a shorter, expository presentation of the same material. Decide which to share with the group.
  • Arrange for one or more participants to read the story aloud. If possible, provide volunteer readers with the story in advance.

Description of Activity

Tell the group:

In this workshop we will explore metaphors for adaptive leadership. Different metaphors can each shed a different light on the art of leading a congregation in a time of change. The first story is about tree frogs!

Participants may expect they will hear the oft-repeated story about how a frog will boil to death, rather than jump out, if the temperature in a pot of water is raised slowly enough. You may wish to assure them that, as useful as that metaphor may be for management consultants, that story is simply not true (see Frog Fable Brought to Boil in the University of Washington Conservation Magazine). This is another kind of frog story.

Have one or more participants read "Fear and Loathing in the Tropics" or "Red-Eyed Tree Frogs Adapt to Survive" aloud. Then, invite conversation. What wisdom does the tree frog and its ability to adapt offer to congregational leaders?

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